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Welcome to Science Kits China, your trusted source for scientific equipment in China since 1993. We are a professional and leading manufacturer and exporter of Portable Science Kits, Lab Glassware, Mathematics Educational Training Aids Manufacturer in China, Educational Equipment Manufacturer in China.

With over 30 years of experience in collaboration with clients and suppliers, we are proud to be one of Hong Kong's top manufacturers of UNICEF Science Kits, Lab Glassware, Mathematics Educational Training Aids.

We have successfully served numerous clients in both the public and private sectors, catering to Manufacturers and Distributors of School Science Laboratory Equipment and Glassware and Chemicals

As a world-class standard manufacturer and exporter based in China, we provide a wide range of science lab equipment, biology lab equipment, chemical engineering supplies, and laboratory equipment. Whether you need equipment for scientific lab training, teaching supplies, or high school science experiment kits, we have you covered. Our team specializes in providing all the necessary apparatus and high-quality school lab instruments for different experiments.

When it comes to sourcing the right equipment for your business or project, we understand that the process can be overwhelming. That's why we offer a free consultation to guide you through the selection process. With our three decades of experience and expertise, our in-house experts can provide recommendations and assist you in finding the perfect product for your specific needs.

Choose Science Kits China as your reliable manufacturer and exporter of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment. Experience our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to explore our extensive product range and start your journey towards acquiring the best scientific lab equipment for your requirements.

Our product offering can be classified into five domains:
1.Physics Lab Kit Manufacturer
2.Chemistry Lab Kit Manufacturer
3.School Lab Glassware Manufacturer
4.Mathematics Lab Kit Manufacturer
5.Biology Lab Kit Manufacturer

Based in China we are world class standard manufacturer and exporter of Science Lab Equipment, biology lab equipment, chemical engineering suppliers, and Laboratory Equipment Supplier offering wide range of all kinds of scientific lab training and teaching lab supplies. Science kits China is the most prominent manufacturer of all varieties of High School Lab and Middle School Lab Instruments. School's, who are looking for High School Science Experiment Kits, they are welcome to contact us. Being the best Science Lab Equipment Manufacturer, we provide all the necessary apparatus and high school science kits for different experiments.Leading and Reliable Manufacturer and Exporter of Scientific Instruments and Laboratory Equipments Supplier.If you are looking for appropriate equipment for your business or project, but do not know where to start, please reach out to us for a FREE CONSULTATION. With over three decades of experience, our in-house experts can surely give you recommendations and assist you in sourcing the right product for you.

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